Buying Local

Buff Orpington and Kosher King staying warmIf you are visiting our page, you probably care about where your food comes from and whether harm or good comes about in its production.  Factory-farmed food is cheap and abundant, but often toxic on a number of levels.  Small family farms offer an alternative food source.  Buying local, natural foods is not just a choice of personal finances and good health-  we also vote with our money.  When we buy local, we are casting a vote for how we want our future and our children’s future to look, feel, smell, and taste.

What does buying local mean?  Besides simply being the sensible standard for most of human history, food that is raised, processed, sold, and consumed close to home has a variety of  positive impacts today.  The most obvious impacts include a reduction in fossil fuel consumption, eating foods that ripen naturally and are more nutritious, foods that are typically fresh and preservative-free, and a strengthening of the local economy. Additionally, you can meet the animals and plants you are about to eat, and you can meet the people who are raising them.  You can purchase food that is guaranteed fresh, not because some machine stamped it on a label, but because you saw it running around last week, or growing in the garden.    Buying local means you are communicating with people like you, who care about the same issues, who are also saying “yes, we want real food.”

For many of us,  it’s hard to understand why local or organic foods cost more than what we can buy at the grocery store.  If you haven’t already, take the time to learn about meat produced at factory farms, what chemicals are involved, how government food subsidies affect farmers, and how waterways and land are affected by factory farming methods.  The food costs that we might avoid today affect us tomorrow (well, actually, today), in the health of the land, human health, the water supply, and many yet unforeseen consequences.  Most large corporations are adept at “externalizing costs,” which is often the key to growing their business and making profits.   Externalized costs immediately or eventually land somewhere, right?   You can be sure that they will eventually land on me and you, the tax-payers (think: “The Bailout”).  This is our tax money that goes into social services, endless war for control of cheaper resources, and government-sponsored environmental programs. If you choose to eat meat, please cast a vote for healthy farming methods and give a shout out to the future of healthy and abundant life on earth!


3 responses to “Buying Local

  1. Ray

    This is a great commentary!

  2. Steve Day

    Thanks Katey and Rocky! Can´t wait to taste one of your birds, that is
    of course after playing with it a bit…I found the link to Mother Earth News
    and the interviews with Mr. Reese, Jr. on Heritage Chickens quite fascinating…do you think you could export to northern Spain?!

    • Katey Branch

      Hopefully you will be bringing all you learn about Starlight Pastures and the ALan Day Community Garden back to Spain with you!

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